Euthanasia agenda global (see HERE) reaches Australia. After the parliament approved a bill in this regard in November last year (2017). It is expected to be implemented in 2019, but in the state of Victoria is already in force. The bill provides that in order for a patient to opt for assisted suicide, their life expectancy must be less than 6 months and they must be experiencing intolerable pain or suffering. The patient must also be of sound mind, following a formal request, and must be examined by two doctors who certify that that request meets the requirements established by law to choose assisted dying.

Bartone,  the new president of AMA, said, about the euthanasia law approved by parliament, that he believed the issue of palliative care “took a backseat” during the assisted dying debate (The Guardian, 7/25/2018). We agree with his statement.

Euthanasia doctor’s dilemma confronting the new scenario where the Euthanasia Law has been approved