The pro-life movement cannot be progressed without the support of science, said Korean Cardinal

Seoul (AsiaNews) – A renowned Korean life-scientist, Prof Young-chul Sung (pictured), donated 10 billion KRW (about US$ 9 million) to the Catholic University of Korea (CUK) College of Medicine to contribute to bioethics research. His choice stems from his desire to out a “Catholic spirit of respect for life at the centre of every research activity” at CUK.  See HERE entire article.

Bioethics research activities

Our Observatory at the Institute of Life Sciences remarks the main reason that was given by the donor, “For me as a scientist while collaborating for research with  CUK, it was impressive and moving to see its commitment to respect for life in every aspect of research, unlike other medical institutes. That’s why I decided to donate to CUK’s college of medicine,” said Prof. Sung, who served as the first director of Postech-Catholic Biomedical Engineering Institute (PCBMI).