The debate of the right of same sex couples IVF access reaches its zenith. The marchers weaved from the Luxembourg Garden to the Montparnasse neighborhood, passing by the French Senate, arguing that the project of law deprives children of the right to a father.  France’s health care system would cover the cost of the IVF procedures for all women under 43, but French health budget is limited and there are other necessities as improving palliative care that is more urgent (read HERE).

It would be Emmanuel Macron’s biggest social reform since he was elected in 2017

Same sex couples IVF is debated

The French MP Emmanuelle Ménard addresses the parliament’s lower house during a debate on the aforementioned bioethics bill.

The measure –  same sex couples IVF – is part of a broader bioethics draft law under debate at the National Assembly, where Macron’s party has a majority. The project, also, reflexes what Macron said in an interview with the French Catholic newspaper La Croix that his “personal conviction is that we must extend medically assisted procreation in the name of gender equality” (see HERE).

Against assisted procreation for lesbian couples

The New York Times says that Some shouting “Liberty, Equality, Paternity” — a play on the national French motto. The crowd included parents with children.

“I believe we are going too fast and we’re not thinking about the consequences of this law,” said demonstrator Monique Brassier of the eastern city of Nancy. “We are heading toward commercialization of the human being, commercialization of procreation, and that scares me.” (read HERE entire article). 

A great issue that defends the rights of IVF children is also included in the project.

On the other hand, the aforementioned project includes another issue that is of great bioethical relevance. It also would allow children conceived with donated sperm to find out the donor’s identity upon demand when they reach the age of 18, a change from France’s current strict donor anonymity protections  (see our Report).

Photograph: Jacques Demarthon/AFP/Getty Images