An human being from fecundation, it can be killed before the implantation, during implantation or as a fetus

Missouri defends the human embryo’s legal status of person

Missouri is one of several American states that follow Trump's [...]

Two historical milestones of the March for life in the US: ten of thousands of students and unprecedented Presidential speech

Last Friday, Washington was the scene of a march for [...]

East European countries in the forefront of the prolife culture. Slovakia’s initiative

"Tens of thousands marched in Slovakia’s capital on Sunday calling [...]

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Journal of Medical Ethics article defends conscientious objection on the same grounds on which has been heavily criticised: abortion provision

Under the provocative title of Questionable benefits and unavoidable personal [...]

American Governement protects conscientious objection in the field of abortion, sterilization and assisted suicide

Don't miss below video "1,300 complaints alleging discrimination in a [...]

Alabama governor signs surgical and chemical abortion ban into law. It reignited abortion debate

Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey signed the state's controversial near-total abortion [...]

Trump administration gives a new turn of the screw for effectively stops US aid for abortion worldwide

The Trump administration continues providing healthcare for women while refusing [...]

Human fetal tissue debate erupted again. The Trump administration restricts the use of fetal tissues

Moral, and ethical considerations The Trump administration is limiting the [...]

The vast majority of Italian gynecologists oppose abortion despite strong criticism from pro-abortion groups

In Italy it has been reported that it has become [...]