Scientists with 3D – bioink technique print a cornea that mimic human ones. Great hope to patients waiting for cornea donation

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A promising step to fertility preservation of childhood cancer survivors by immature testicular tissue grafting

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Leading doctors in reproductive medicine and transgender clinics open the door to trans women to get womb transplant

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A human heart left on a commercial airliner provides a glimpse into the nation’s transplant system. The obscure network of nonprofit organizations is questioned

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Transplant of cryopreserved ovarian tissue to leukemia surivivor women. A healthy child have already been born

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Why is organ retrieval from brain-dead donors made frequently with anaesthesia?

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Is it ethical to use cardiac arrest as a death criterion to obtain more organs for transplant?

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Artificial hearts implanted. Update on clinical use and ethical assessment

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First organ transplants from a newborn in the United Kingdom

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