sex-selective abortion in India

Status of women in India, and sex-selective abortion. A short review and a great initiative

Bioethics Observatory 27 October 2021

On the last International Women’s Day (March 8, 2021) an Indian web said "For a country that is home to the second largest population of women in the world and which has spiritually put women on a pedestal of Goddess, the women in India have

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Conscientious objection to abortion defended by Supreme Pontiff
SARS-CoV-2 leak gains traction
Alaska government irresponsibility


Conscientious objection when requested is a personal right

Conscientious objection and good practice? New Spanish law

Bioethics Observatory 28 October 2021

When a doctor is pushed to kill rather than cure The recent pressures exerted on the health community, seeking to limit the free exercise of their profession when they oppose putting into practice laws that threaten the life or health of people, compels us to

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brain death to be reviewed
Right not to know of the patient. Is it a right without limits? Bioethics perspective
assisted reproduction law questioned


referendum questioned
A referendum in San Marino passes a pro-abortion motion
04 October 2021

San Marino has been an abortion-free state with no exceptions. Its population has shown, until now, its rejection of the termination of pregnancy. A recent

Autism therapeutic treatment has a new important means to advance
Major Advances Toward Possible Treatment for People with Autism
17 September 2021

Good news for people affected by this chronic disease. A new avenue to find autism therapeutic treatment Not long ago, a treatment for autism spectrum

Marriage and family undermined
Switzerland: Same-sex couples raised to the status of a constituted family allowing lesbian access to assisted reproduction
07 September 2021

The Swiss parliament and the federal council of government approved the measure "Marriage for all", equating homosexual unions with established families. Switzerland had already authorized

Brain cell clusters grown in laboratory by an year
Experiments with ex vivo brain cells grown in lab for more than a year, mirror changes in a newborn’s brain
22 June 2021

Brain organoids finding, a step to treat hereditary diseases The neuroscience project to study the human brain has a unique status in biomedical research. Two


The Catholic University of Valencia was founded on 8th of December 2003, the “youngest” of the Spanish Catholic universities. On 20th September 2006, the Institute of Life Sciences was constituted within the University itself, and within it, the Bioethics Observatory.

The Observatory has a website in Spanish that was created on Decembre 2007 (see HERE), and we are now starting a new chapter with our website in English, given the importance of this language in the field of bioethical research.

Our website includes “Special reports”, based on the latest biomedical and biotechnological research findings from the world’s top medical and scientific journals, such as the biological and anthropological status of the human embryo, matters regarding the end of life, especially euthanasia, assisted suicide and palliative care, and also some of the issues that are currently giving rise to major debates, including: assisted reproduction, surrogacy, use of contraceptives and the morning-after pill, transsexuality, genome editing, synthetic biology, production of human-animal chimeras for medical purposes and transhumanism.

Special Reports includes extensive reference material on these topics, which is constantly updated as new information becomes available. It is also a dynamic means of communication with our readers to reflect on these issues.




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