Transhumanism and human nature. It pretends to forge a new humanity changing biological and genetical human condition. An example is gender global agenda

The tsunami engulfing women’s sport worldwide is now approaching the US and the UK. Common sense appears to be lacking

Bioethics Observatory 19 November 2020

Last December, we published a special report entitled, Transsexuality (transwomen) and elite sport: scientific and ethical aspects (December 11th, 2019). In this particular bioethical issue, the final say is not a matter of opinion; only a rigorous scientific approach can resolve it. In the aforementioned

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organ donor in pediatrics
euthanasia debate in Germany
Scientific ignorance in EU bioethical issues in UE shows a study


Remembering Robert M. Veatch Ph. D. with our recognition of his brilliant career in bioethics

Bioethics Observatory 18 November 2020

The Kennedy Institute of Ethics at George Town University sent us an email with the sad news of the death of Robert M. Veatch Ph.D. on November 9. We send this In Memoriam to our readers as a means of recognizing the great personal value

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Sperm donor wishes
Editors that show their own ideological thinking in their politics of publication excluding any other evidence. Trends in scientific journals
Reassignment surgery long-term effects


COVID 19 singularities
COVID 19 singularities. Lower incidence among intensive care staff in the UK
04 November 2020

We have published some articles about the singularities COVID 19 spread (read HERE), The high incidence of Covid-19 infection among health professionals in Spain, which

The Polish Supreme Court rules that abortion for fetal anomalies is unconstitutional
28 October 2020

The Polish Supreme Court rules that abortion for a disabled fetus is unconstitutional. Her decision is final, which is why Poland, which currently only has

HIV cleared in a new patient in Brazil folowing the London case reported
The Brazil case following the London patient. The third patient to have cleared HIV infections
15 October 2020

A third patient from Sao Paulo - Brazil who seems to have cleared an HIV infection. The HIV virus appears to have disappeared from his

Teen suicide prevention
Less suicide by handguns in adolescents in some States. Teen suicide prevention in the US has hopeful news
15 October 2020

Teen suicide prevention in the US has hopeful news In 2018, there were more than 48,000 suicides in the United States, particularly among adolescents. In


The Catholic University of Valencia was founded on 8th of December 2003, the “youngest” of the Spanish Catholic universities. On 20th September 2006, the Institute of Life Sciences was constituted within the University itself, and within it, the Bioethics Observatory.

The Observatory has a website in Spanish that was created on Decembre 2007 (see HERE), and we are now starting a new chapter with our website in English, given the importance of this language in the field of bioethical research.

Our website includes “Special reports”, based on the latest biomedical and biotechnological research findings from the world’s top medical and scientific journals, such as the biological and anthropological status of the human embryo, matters regarding the end of life, especially euthanasia, assisted suicide and palliative care, and also some of the issues that are currently giving rise to major debates, including: assisted reproduction, surrogacy, use of contraceptives and the morning-after pill, transsexuality, genome editing, synthetic biology, production of human-animal chimeras for medical purposes and transhumanism.

Special Reports includes extensive reference material on these topics, which is constantly updated as new information becomes available. It is also a dynamic means of communication with our readers to reflect on these issues.