Sperm and egg donation – the donors and their children  will require re-evaluation of eachother relationships throughout the lifetime of the parties involved

Anonymity in reproductive issues is being left behind. Thus, in their updated guidelines for gamete donation in assisted reproduction, the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) has stated that those conceived using these methods have a right to know who their genetic parents are. Up to now, almost all gamete donations were anonymous. However, cases in which children conceived using this procedure wish to meet their biological parents, and in which the donors wish to be involved in the life of their children, are becoming increasingly common.

Gamets donor and their child

“Donors and programs”, states the Association ASRM, “must recognize that they have a unique and ongoing moral relationship with each other, as well as with the recipients and their children, and this obligation does not end with the procurement of gametes. Evolving medical technology, laws, and social standards will require re-evaluation of these relationships throughout the lifetime of the parties involved”.


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