Clinical trials using embryonic stem cells which, as we know, requires the destruction of human embryos, is approved

The North American FDA has given its approval to the Californian company Asterias Biotherapeutics to begin a clinical trial at the beginning of 2015. The aim of the clinical trials using embryonic stem cells is to validate the safety and efficacy of the use of nerve precursor cells obtained from embryonic stem cells in patients with spinal cord injuries that originate in the neck area. Thirteen patients will be included to receive the cell transplant within one month after the injury. In reality, this trial is a continuation of the one started by Geron, which was eventually halted by the company itself (Nature 513; 11,2014). The results are undoubtedly unforeseeable, but what is certain it that they are going to use embryonic stem cells which, as we know, requires the destruction of human embryos to obtain them, meaning that these types of trials must be assessed as ethically very negative.