Defenders of the right to life continues to grow in USA. A study has noted that “for the better part of almost three decades, public opinion polling has consistently shown a solid majority of Americans are opposed to the vast majority of elective abortions performed annually in the United States”. Thus, in a poll carried out in September 1995 by Gallup, “56% identified themselves as pro-choice with only 33% identifying themselves as pro-life”. However in May 2012, 50% identified themselves as pro-life; later, in a poll carried out in May 2015, the percentages were “44% pro-life and 50% pro-choice”. When asked whether abortion should be legal or illegal, 29% answered that it should be legal under any circumstance, while 13% considered that it should be legal in most circumstances. i.e. 42% were in favour of its legalisation. In contrast, 19% thought that it should be illegal in all circumstances, and 36% that it should be legal in only a few circumstances. In other words, 55% were more in favour of some ban, as can be seen in the results of the poll carried out by Gallup in May 2015 (Forum Libertas. 12-II-2016).