Suicides in Spain increased for the third consecutive year, and were even double the death toll due to traffic accidents. The suicides rates shows a total of 3,910 people took their own lives, the highest figure recorded since 1980, when the Spanish National Institute of Statistics (INE) began publishing this information. The data show that in 2014, suicides were again the leading cause of unnatural deaths. Moreover, the number of those who decided to end their lives increased in 2014 for the fourth consecutive year, to double the number of deaths due to road accidents, which caused 1,873 fatalities. The number of those who voluntarily took their own lives has remained a growing trend for decades. A total of 1,652 cases were recorded in 1980, 2,939 in 1990 and 3,393 in 2000. Although there have been small rises and falls in some years, the increase over the last 35 years has been continuous.



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