Recent studies of sex-determination systems and sex chromosomes has already increase our knowledge of human sexuality. Sex-determination systems occupie a central place in the human conception of the living world. In fact, the sexual distinction between male and female is deeply rooted in our brain. The ongoing genomic revolution has already greatly increased our knowledge of sex-determination systems and sex chromosomes in recent years. A novel book presents and synthesizes our current understanding. (THE EVOLUTION OF SEX DETERMINATION By Leo Beukeboom and Nicolas Perrin. Oxford University Press, Oxford).


  • The set-up of the book is ideal as a study book with clear definitions of terminology and concepts, a glossary and taxonomic, author and subject indices that enable the reader to quickly find their way through the book. … Beukeboom and Perrin have done a wonderful job in providing a thorough account of the field in a very accessible book. (Jetske G. de Boer, BioEssays)
  • With this book, Beukeboom and Perrin succeed in providing for researchers both a detailed review of each reader’s own discipline as well as a concise window into other disciplines. (Lisa E. Schwanz, The Quarterly Review of Biology)

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