Utrecht University Hospital in the Netherlands has opened a medical investigation after revealing that at least 26 women may have been inseminated with the wrong sperm during their in-vitro fertilisation (IVF) treatment. In a statement, the medical centre recognised the existence of these failures (IVF mix up) and explained that they took place between mid-April 2015 and mid-November 2016. According to the hospital, it was due to a “laboratory procedural error” in the IVF process. “As a result of the mistake, the eggs of 26 women may have been fertilised by sperm cells from another man who is not the intended father“, it explained. However, it warns that “the possibility that this has happened is small, but cannot be ruled out”, so it has opened an investigation with all those affected. Half of the women in question have already given birth or become pregnant.

There are also thirteen frozen embryos as part of this treatment, which corresponds to the other half of the couples affected by the error. The hospital assures that it has contacted the couples, and has sent all necessary reports to the Health Inspectorate. Couples who have already had their baby can undergo a DNA test to check that they were not victims of what the hospital classifies as “human error“. (Daily Mail 28-12-2016).



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