Alicia Miyares is a feminist philosopher and writer. For a couple of years now, she has been involved in the movement “No somos Vasijas” (We are not vessels), together with other philosophers such as Amelia Valcárcel and Victoria Camps, dedicating a large part of her time fighting against surrogacy. Use a Surrogate mother to have a child is currently banned in Spain, although its possible regulation has entered fully into the political debate. Miyares spares no criticism for what she understands as no more than a euphemism under which hides a business that is degrading for women, by reducing them to mere reproductive machines. In the last week of April, Miyares and 50 women’s organizations and LGTBI groups presented the Red Estatal contra el Alquiler de Vientres (State Network against Surrogacy) at a press conference in Madrid. The surrogation site makes his position clear: “We are not incubators, nor vessels, nor uteruses nor wombs for rent: we are women, human lives with which some people are trying to set up a new business that will benefit the strongest and suppress the weakest” (See HERE the site)


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