UNESCO supports gender ideology

The brochure offered as a good example to teach children

UNESCO gender ideology affirms, “definitions of masculinity and femininity, gender roles and stereotypes can be harmful to individuals and society (read HERE).”

UNESCO supports gender ideology in its Educational Guide

A large document by UNESCO titled: OUT IN THE OPEN Education sector responses to violence based on sexual orientation and gender identity/expression (see HERE) is the answer of this educational institution of the United Nation to the problems of transsexual children and adolescents are presenting in schools all over the world. Unesco, in his extensive guide, pretends to resolve them with a politics centered on gender theory, excluding schools and parents’ beliefs. See left one page of the material presented as appropriate (pg. 43).

See our video Teaching dogmatic gender ideology

The Guide where UNESCO supports gender ideology said about the material to be used by schools, “Ensure that curricula and learning materials are evidence-based and inclusive with respect to sexual orientation and gender identity/expression, including representation in content and illustrations, and remove or avoid inaccurate and stigmatizing content in curricula and learning materials. In contexts where it is difficult to mention sexual and gender diversity in curricula and learning materials, it is still possible to address issues such as definitions of masculinity and femininity, gender roles and stereotypes and how these can be harmful to individuals and society (pg. 51).” (read HERE)





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