Medical and Legal Dictionaries: Involuntary euthanasia Termination of life without request and without a competent person’s consent

Euthanasia for distitutes is promoved by Healh Minister of Lituania A study conducted every five years to determine the causes of death in the Dutch population has revealed that more than 400 of its citizens lost their lives as a result of euthanasia without having given their consent. As the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition  points out, the oficial study, which covers the period 2010-2015, recorded 7,254 assisted suicides, 431 of which were “termination of life without request” (Statistics Netherlands, Den Haag/Heerlen 8-11-2017). The result shows that there was an of involuntary euthanasia increase of more than 100 deaths with respect to the previous study (2010), where the figure was 310.

One in three Dutch doctors reported being willing to euthanize the mentally ill

The American pro-life platform Live Action reported that, in the Netherlands, this case is only one in a “long line of disturbing reports”. “There, at least one person every week is euthanized for mental illness , which isn’t altogether surprising, as one in three Dutch doctors reported being willing to euthanize the mentally ill (see study by HERE). In that sense, it was found that some people had been euthanized for being autistic (Washington Post, February 24 2016) drug addicts  or victims of sexual abuse (Daily Mail, May 11 2016 Sex abuse victim in her 20s allowed to choose euthanasia in Holland).

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