Motherhood is increasingly being delayed for cultural reasons where exigence of women work market should be highlighted. We commented in a recent article that this exigence “Inducing a woman to renounce her legitimate choice to live her maternity at the best age for it, in the interests of greater professional performance isn’t ethics.” see more HERE.

Now a large study shows the effects of maternal age on the risk of preterm birth (see Effect of maternal age on the risk of preterm birth: A large cohort study, Plos One 1 – 31 – 2018)

The authors affirm that “Even after adjustment for confounders, advanced maternal age (40 years and over) was associated with preterm birth. A maternal age of 30–34 years was associated with the lowest risk of prematurity.”

Other risks of delaying motherhood

The results of the paper where 165,282 births were included also affirm, “Chronic hypertension, assisted reproduction techniques needed, pre-gestational diabetes, an invasive procedure in pregnancy, gestational diabetes and placenta praevia were linearly associated with increasing maternal age.”


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