A recurring medical issue is whether or not post-abortion syndrome exists.

We previously examined this topic in depth in a large study, reaching the conclusion that post-abortion syndrome (as medical language define it) does not exist as such, but out of all doubt, abortion psychological disorders do.
Now, a large study (see HERE) published by Priscilla Coleman and colleagues has provided new findings on the side effects suffered by women who have had an abortion.

The study included 987 American women who answered a psychological survey after having undergone an abortion.

“What are the most significant negatives, if any, that have come from your decision to abort?” – Question not answered: 199 of 987 = 20.2%

  1. 23.7% of those surveyed recognized that the abortion had terminated a human life;
  2. 14.4%   Depression;
  3. 14% Guilt/remorse;
  4. 12.4% Self-hatred/anger at self/self-loathing/feelings of worthlessness;
  5. 10.9% Shame
  6. 9% Addiction, alcohol or drug abuse including alcoholism
  7. 9.3% Regret;
  8. 7.7% Self-destructive behaviours including promiscuity, self-punishment;
  9. 7.6% Low self-esteem;
  10. 7.1%  Anxiety/fear;
  11. 6.2% Suicidal/suicidal thoughts/wanting to die/self-harm/dangerous risks/suicidal attempts


Nevertheless, not all were negative effects, as

A. 17.5% said that they had experienced spiritual growth;

B. 13.3% had become involved in voluntary work related to the anti-abortion fight;

C. 6.4% had become pro-life activists, and

D. 7.5 % had converted to Christianity.

We believe that this information would complete the study to be able to draw a final conclusion on whether or not post-abortion syndrome exists and what type of psychological effects do.

See HERE recent study about abortion effects in teenage girls


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