First healthy child born to leukemia survivor after a cryopreserved ovarian tissue transplant

More than 80 children have already been born worldwide after cryopreserved ovarian tissue transplant in women who, due to disease or medical treatment, could lose the chance to have children in the future. Over the last few years, extensive experience has been acquired in patients of different ages suffering from different illnesses, malignant or otherwise. In the former cases, however, there has always been the possibility that the transplanted cryopreserved ovarian tissue could be contaminated with cancer cells.

Successful ovarian tissue transplant to a survivor of leukemia

Now Fertility and Sterility Journal reports the case of an acute myeloid leukemia survivor for the first time. Following re-transplantation of her own ovarian tissue, obtained when she was in complete remission from the disease, she became pregnant and gave birth to a healthy child (See HERE ). This is undoubtedly a further step in preventing sterility in women who, because of a serious disease, are at risk of losing their fertility.


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