Our Observatory published a paper in the journal Acta Bioética that for its relevance we want to make known our readers.

The criterion of the Catholic Church in addition to giving a moral instruction to its faithful is an undoubted reference, in so difficult matter, for all the people of goodwill, especially in bioethics.

As the number of frozen human embryos continues to rise daily (see HERE), with numbers not expected to fall, an answer must
be found to this dilemma.

Four possible solutions have been suggested:

a) thaw the embryos and allow them to perish;

b) thaw them and donate them for biomedical research;

c) thaw them and donate them in adoption; and

d) leave them frozen indefinitely.

This paper will evaluate the morality of these four possible solutions, particularly frozen human embryo adoption in the light
of the Magisterium of the Catholic Church, which in its Instruction Dignitas Personae, considers this practice as illicit.

We also review the various stances of expert moralists in favour of or against frozen human embryo adoption,
and we reflect on the extent to which the doctrine contained in Dignitas Personae can bind the moral conscience of the Catholic

Moral reasons that substantiate the negative opinion

Finally, we make a personal evaluation of frozen human embryo adoption, in an attempt to find moral reasons that
substantiate the negative opinion manifested by the Catholic Magisterium on this matter. See the  entire peer review paper 

Published in Acta Bioethica 2017; 23 (1): 137-149