A recent article titled, A study unravels new stem cell transplant factors that might lead to HIV eradication in the body shows that is possible and has been eradicated throw a cells therapy by Spaniard researchers. The finding,  still incipient, opens a door to a possible new way to treat HIV patients.

The famous Berlin patient was until now the only individual cured of HIV

The article explains “Antiretroviral treatment is unable to cure HIV infection due to the viral reservoir, consisting of HIV-infected cells that remain latent and cannot be detected and destroyed by the immune system. Now, researchers from the IrsiCaixa AIDS Research Institute (Barcelona, Spain) and the Gregorio Marañón Hospital (Madrid, Spain), point out certain mechanisms associated with stem cell transplant that might contribute to HIV reservoir eradication, after 5 patients who received a stem cell transplant have undetectable HIV reservoir and HIV antibodies are no longer found in one of them (if it confirms it would be the second one). These findings could serve for the design of less-invasive HIV cure strategies, since stem cell transplant is exclusively recommended in life-threatening haematological conditions. The study, published in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine, has been performed by the IciStemconsortium, which was constituted in 2014 with funding from The Foundation for AIDS Research, amfAR.

The study was built upon the case of The Berlin Patient: Timothy Brown, an HIV-positive man who received a stem cell transplant to treat leukaemia. The donor had a mutation called CCR5 Delta 32 that made his blood cells nearly immune to HIV because it averts the virus entry. Brown stopped taking HIV medication and today, 11 years later, the virus is no longer found in his blood. He is thought to be the only individual cured of HIV.” (see HERE Iris Caixa, 10/16/2018)