Thousands of protesters – 50.000 people from all France – walked through upscale neighborhoods of the country’s capital, ending the March at the Trocadero, which overlooks the Seine opposite the Eiffel Tower.

Macron revision of French’s bioethics laws makes that 2019 will be a critical year for many bioethical issues in France, with a parliamentary debate coming up this spring.

  1. Human embryo research,
  2. “In vitro” fertilization for homosexual couples and alone-standing women,
  3. Genetic screening to detect defective embryos and abort them
  4. Conscientious objection laws,
  5. Euthanasia and assisted suicide
  6. Organ donation by law, and so on.

The Pope’s message to the organizers of the Paris March for Life said, “Pope Francis cordially greets the participants of the March for Life (…). The Sovereign Pontiff, animated by the conviction that ‘all the evil in the world is summed up by contempt for life,’ encourages them to bear witness untiringly to the inalienable value of human dignity and life.”

Cécile Edel, foundress of the Paris March and president of one of the co-organizing associations, “Choose Life,” told LifeSite: “It’s a real encouragement to see that there are so many young people present – people who 15 years ago were practically newborns. The flame of respect for life has been successfully passed on and is still burning strong.” (Life Site News, o1 -22 -2018)


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