Genetic determinism controversy. Can it determine the meaning of our life?

If despite genetic macrodata it is difficult to identify somewhat complex disorders, some studies have dared to probe traits as diffuse as the propensity to crime, muscle power or academic performance. One of the latter that refers to genetic determinism was published last October in Scientific Reports by a team from the Free University of Amsterdam, using data from 220,000 participants in the UK Biobank project.

The study identified two genetic variants for meaning in life and six for happiness in different brain areas. “We live in a society where everyone is expected to thrive, achieve the highest, and live a meaningful life. If we have a better idea of the cause of differences between people, we can use that information to help people who feel less happy or struggle with the meaning of life”. They concede, however, with forced humility that “we also find that there are environmental factors that are important for happiness” (see more HERE.).

Bioethical and hunanistic statement

Our opinion goes further, because our liberty is not determined by either genetic code or environmental factors–they have great influence but are not determinants.

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