A recent article published in PNAS confirms that there are differences between the cells of men and women. In this particular case, it shows that the brains of women are around four years younger than the brains of men. These finding suggest that, since the brain uses energy throughout its life, its consumption is more gradual in women than in men. According to the authors of the study, their results demonstrate that trajectories of natural brain aging vary significantly  between men and women. The persistence of relatively younger metabolic brain age in females throughout adulthood suggests that development might in part influence sex differences in brain aging. Thus, factors that influence brain development, such as sexual differentiation, might also be critical in determining the trajectory of brain aging. Sex differences influence structural aspects of brain development in children and during early adulthood and also delay developmental changes in cerebral blood flow during early adulthood, raising the possibility that the adult female brain retains more youthful, i.e., neotenous, features compared with the adult male brain.One more fact to ponder: men women brain differences. Issue that we treated in different articles (see HERE).




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