We reported the increase of STD in western countries that reached their historical peak and continue to grow – STD silent epidemic. Governments and supranational entities cannot stop their progress. Above we selected the more relevant of them:

Now, 2 articles published in New York Post, November 1, 2019, in the US and Mail Online in the UK, on the same date with the following headlines, Mouth cancer rates in the UK have ‘DOUBLED in a generation’ to a record high and oral sex is almost as much to blame as smoking and drinking, charity warns.

STD silent epidemic is a relevant factor of the increase of oral cancer

STD silent epidemic is a relevant factor of the increase of oral cancerMouth cancer is a terrible disease, with one of the lowest expectances of life (only 50 %). In this sense, 130 delegates joined the Oral Health Foundation yesterday, at the Houses of Parliament, as the charity announced this year’s Mouth Cancer Action Month (Open Acces of Government (UK), October 30, 2019). In the Parliament event, the Oral Health Foundation’s Chief Executive Dr. Nigel Carter OBE spoke about the devastating rise of mouth cancer in the United Kingdom. He said: “The sad fact is that the number of mouth cancer cases continues to increase year on year. When we took on this campaign nearly two decades ago, we were looking at just over 3,000 cases each year. In the last year or so, we have had over 8,300 recognized cases of mouth cancer. That is a huge increase, and it is one of the few cancers where the number of cases has started to increase (read more HERE).

Is it only a regional trend?

The New York post affirms that US rates are comparable with the UK rates: “According to the Oral Cancer Foundation, there are about 54,000 Americans diagnosed with oral or oropharyngeal cancer (including the larynx) every year, causing approximately 13,500 deaths per year. The hygiene advocacy group warned people to be aware of the causes of mouth cancer — primarily the sexually transmitted human papillomavirus (HPV), drinking alcohol and smoking.”

Bioethical approach

The great global and regional work to fight STD is failing. The increase continues to grow affecting mainly the youth population. In our opinion is urgent that global health care and educational institutions implement a new joint strategy to prevent STD. As we said in a recent article Rethinking sexual-affective education and the institutional information given to the population – especially young people – seems to be an outstanding issue that is essential for control of these diseases.


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