Otis was born on 30 September in a hospital in Essex (England) after passing through the womb of his two mothers, a lesbian couple who have been the first to test a pioneering technique called “shared motherhood “. In female couples in which both want to participate actively in the process, fertility clinics currently offer a procedure where with a sperm anonymous donor,  one contributes the egg and the other provides the womb. Nothing is said about father identity.

Female couples share an embryo to carry their child

lesbian women share embryo

This new technique, carried out by the London Women’s Clinic, goes a little further, as the woman who donates the egg is also the one who incubates it in her womb for the first 18 hours after fertilization, rather than in the laboratory. After that time, the embryo is transferred to the other woman, who will carry it in her womb for nine months.

Bioethical point of view of female couples sharing embryo

This is further evidence of how the artificial production of children objectifies them. It has become consumer medicine, aimed at satisfying preferences, something that from a bioethical standpoint, we find difficult to justify (see more HERE). Furthermore, the use of anonymous donor sperm (genetic origin) has objective medical and psychological adverse effects on the child.


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