Suicide continues to be a devastating public health problem in the United States. The last figures show that this epidemic is not controlled in the country. May is Mental Health Awareness Month and this issue is one of the leading causes of death across all age groups but with a higher incidence in the age group of 15 to 29 years.

Suicide and attempts of suicide social effects

An article published yesterday in EHS Daily Advisor (read HERE) says “Every year, approximately 47,000 Americans die by suicide. It is a preventable public health problem unresolved. Every death by suicide leaves behind at least 130 people who report they knew the person who died and between 4–6 who loved him or her. This creates about 1 million people per year in the United States who are directly impacted by the suicide of someone close to them. To try to prevent it the author continues “In addition, only 1 out of 25 suicide attempts is lethal, and oftentimes, the individual returns quietly to his or her life without getting treatment. These individuals are the walking wounded, and it’s highly likely that many of them are coming to work every day, struggling with a sense of shame, depression, grief, and loss.” What could be done with these people?