In different articles, our Observatory has pointed out the lack of evidence in transgender scientific studies and treatments (read HERE). Now a comprehensive study has evaluated previous scientific work on the mental health of these children.

Transgender scientific studies

The study was published in The Linacre Quarterly and is untitled Is Research on Transgender Children What It Seems? Comments on Recent Research on Transgender Children with High Levels of Parental Support (read HERE).

Further research is needed in transgender scientific studies:

The report has concluded that even when supported by their parents, the mental health of these children is worse than that of the control group, particularly with regard to anxiety levels as reported by both children and their parentsThe conclusion of the study was that “[s]uch issues highlight the need for a careful examination of statistical research, even when published in highly regarded medical journals. As with other research, findings from the early stages of controversial research may often be premature. Further research is needed to explore the factors underlying these results.”



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