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USA Conference 2020 “Living the Fulfilled Life in Medicine”

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Doctor-Patient relationship

USA Conference 2020 “Living the Fulfilled Life in Medicine”

San Diego, CA 2020 – September  24-26, 2020 (read HERE)

Doctor-Patient relationship conference

Reclaiming the Doctor-Patient relationship is a global issue in hyper-technological medicine of our days. AI in medicine, genetics tests, sophisticated assisted reproduction practices, more treatments that need patient informed consent; organ donation, end of life issues, palliative care vs. euthanasia, and so on, need urgent improvement in doctor-patient relationships. Specialists all over the world point out that this issue is neglected and patients are reclaiming it. A humanitarian issue that has a medical and ethical implication. Our Observatory at the Catholic University of Valencia – Spain recommends this Conference. We have published a report on issue Rebuild trust between doctors-patients and healthcare institutions is claimed. we concluded, “From a bioethics point of view, health care organization and the doctor-patient relationship deserve our serious attention and protection[…].





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