New regard in a commented issue confirms the discrimination in the basic rights of the ethnic citizens in some European countries. Health care systems exclusion in Europe, the so called, hiper developed societies is a shame of western contriesA recent article publishes figures of health care systems exclusion of older people from some ethnic minorities in the United Kingdom. Indeed, data from 2004 indicate that, in England, in the population group aged 61 to 70, 34% of white English people had health problems, compared to 86% for Bangladeshi people, 69% for Pakistani people, 63% for Indian people and 67% for black Caribbean people (see more). These figures appear to corroborate the issue of a recent article titled Disparities of health care for ethnic reasons should be resolved. Beyond racial health care systems exclusion, older people were also the victim of health care failures which increased the coronavirus mortality of these persons in many European countries (read HERE).