We have published some articles about the singularities COVID 19 spread (read HERE), The high incidence of Covid-19 infection among health professionals in Spain, which we discussed in a recent article (read HERE), contrasts with what seems to be happening in the UK. It has emerged that staff who work in intensive care units — who would appear to be the most exposed to the virus — have a lower rate of Covid-19 infection than those who work in other areas of the hospital, according to data from a study of 545 health workers in a group of hospitals in Birmingham, England. Those with the highest rate of infection were cleaners (34.5%; 10/29), followed by clinicians working in acute medicine (33%; 10/30) and general medicine units (30%; 30/99). The lowest seroprevalence was detected among staff working in intensive care units (15%; 9/61), emergency medicine (13%; 2/15) and general surgery (13%; 3/23) (BMJ, 17 September 2020).





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