Our Observatory has published several articles on the HIV epidemic possible cures. In this sense understanding, HIV dynamics across the human body is important for cure efforts. Antiretroviral therapy studies continue to find new effects.

Antiretroviral therapy left reservoirs in different tissues

One problem related to the elimination of HIV from the body of infected individuals is to know whether, after adequate antiretroviral therapy, they may have reservoirs of the virus in some tissues, which can then pass into the blood. It seems that if this happens — as reported in an article published in The Journal of Clinical Investigation that shows the existence of HIV reservoirs after antiretroviral therapy — it could have an effect on new infections, as noted in another paper, which found that the rate of new HIV diagnoses in the United States has stabilized since 2013,  but has not declined (JAMA Internal Medicine). If HIV reservoirs are confirmed the virus will not be eradicated as quickly as thought. Could this finding change current paradigms? Antiretroviral therapy studies should continue. But the long term effects are now evidenced perhaps because antiretroviral therapy left reservoirs of HIV (read HERE).



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