The possible risk of ovarian tumors after assisted reproduction is analyzed by a large study for 24 years.

It is not known whether it increases the risk of ovarian tumors. Now,  a large study has been published that includes 30,625 women who received ovarian stimulation in an assisted reproduction program and 9,988 subfertile women, not included in one of these programs. After a 24-year follow-up, 158 invasive and 100 borderline tumors were detected.

The group of patients in the group showed an increased ovarian cancer risk of 1.43 when compared with the general population, but not when compared with the group of subfertile women, not included in an assisted reproduction program.

The authors concluded that the slight increase in ovarian cancer in the assisted reproduction group compared with the general group may be due to the nulliparity of the former, rather than assisted reproduction treatment. Therefore, the increase in ovarian tumors attributed to assisted reproduction should be interpreted with caution.


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