Navarra University – Spain claims for solidarity

COVID 19 individual vaccination

It is known the importance of vaccination to effectively fight coronavirus pandemic. Pablo Sarobe, an expert at the University of Navarra, says with respect to this that vaccination is an act of solidarity.

The article shows that COVID 19 individual vaccination is a personal responsibility that has a great role in effective population immunization. Read de entire article HERE.

The author continues that therefore, ideally, it should be an act of conscience to be vaccinated for the benefit that this could bring to the population since the overall benefit has a positive impact on the other members of society. In other words, getting vaccinated protects oneself and the rest of the population, because if part of society does not get vaccinated, there will be a niche where the virus can take refuge and from there continue to infect.

Population immunization is not an easy task

The article comments on the statement by Ugur Sahin, creator of the Pfizer vaccine, about the possible recovery of a “normal life” in mid-2021, he confirms that if the efficacy of the vaccine and the vaccination rate is high enough to achieve immunity group, we would be protected.