Fertility clinics‘ marketing doesn’t always consider the ethical aspects of their promotions – read HERE and HERE. In this respect, a current campaign in the UK offers a full refund if their treatment is unsuccessful after a set number of cycles or within a set time frame. Is it really safe for the eventual mother’s health? Without a doubt, the offer is tempting because the prospective client knows in advance how much the treatment will cost.

Fertility clinics bitterly questioned

A recent article published in the Daily Mail reports that “A campaign group made up of fertility doctors, finance brokers and former patients have joined to voice their concerns that the deals could encourage rushed treatments which lead to health complications.” Read more HERE.

The campaign is calling to the English regulator HFEA, which in other fields have failed to prevent illegal procedures (read HERE and HERE).

In our opinion, this offer could have an objective bioethical problem without rigorous supervision of each case, avoiding creating additional pressure on patients to complete their treatment at the agreed time. The pressure over the patient’s results can induce a higher dose of stimulants to increase the number of oocytes, increasing the already worrying percentage of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome and higher numbers of embryos transferred could produce more multiple births with the consequent mother’s risk. In this new scenario, the risk of producing a child at the expense of the mother’s heath presents an objective bioethical problem.


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