Biological father responsibility required by law is a trend in American legislation.

Under a Utah (USA) law that appears to be the first of its kind, the father of a child, in any case, must pay half of a woman’s pregnancy-related medical costs. The aim is to lessen the financial burden of pregnancy for women. Where paternity is disputed, the costs would be due only after confirmation, except when the woman has an abortion or opts for abortion following a pregnancy resulting from rape or incest (read HERE).

While several states have a mechanism for seeking financial support for pregnancy costs from fathers, Planned Parenthood attorneys believe this to be the first stand-alone bill of its kind and minimizing the ethical approach about the father’s responsibility, leaving the mother and the child with all the burden.

In our opinion, this bill is a means to protect mothers’ rights and, with a legal mandate, increases the responsibility of the father, overlooked in many legislations. The inalienable right of the child to know the identity of his father is also at stake.