Planned Parenthood (PP) is an American private institution and the main provider of abortion in this country. It is officially presented as an institution that provides sexual health care and medical advice to women and families. Receiving a big subvention from Governments it has the biggest web of fertility clinics in the US and abroad (read Planned Parenthood special report. It performed more than one million abortions worldwide). But  PP’s activity doesn’t end here An PP’s advocacy service has stopped several State legislation limiting abortion (read HERE.) Perhaps one of the activities that more harm human dignity is the selling of tissue of fetus of this institution (read HERE and HERE).

What we say above raises a question; the PP institution has ideological content based on its foundational aims?

DS discrimination banned

Discriminated after birth. A true eugenecism

In this respect, a recent article published in Washington Post Journal – WPJ (April 21, 2021) entitled How Planned Parenthood Can Atone for Margaret Sanger answers this question with great solvency and impartiality. We excerpt what, in our opinión has more bioethics interest, “In fact, Planned Parenthood’s board overlapped with that of the American Eugenics Society for decades, even after Sanger’s retirement as president in 1959. In the 1960s, her successor, Alan F. Guttmacher, was the society’s vice president while also Planned Parenthood’s president. In 1952 Sanger helped secure a leadership position in Planned Parenthood’s German affiliate for Hans Harmsen, who had served as an officer in Nazi Germany’s Hereditary Health Court, which ordered mandatory sterilizations in the name of “racial hygiene.” The article also quotes a 1991 article in the New York Times which related the experience of Barabara Faye Waxman a former employee at PP clinic in Los Angeles, “There was a strong eugenics mentality that exhibited disdain, discomfort and ignorance toward disabled babies,” said Waxman, who used a wheelchair and respirator because of neuromuscular impairment. Planned Parenthood considered disabled infants to be “bad babies,” she said.

The Planned parenthood eugenicism and its intention to abandoning its historical orientation

The aforementioned WPJ article continues its comment with the words  “In 2021, Planned Parenthood continues to endorse abortion based on prenatal diagnosis of disabilities. What is that if not an updated application of Sanger’s vision and a century of Planned Parenthood practice? And end it with this categorical phrase “Maybe Planned Parenthood is serious about abandoning eugenics. If so, it should endorse the idea that no baby should receive a death sentence because of a difficult diagnosis. Margaret Sanger might not approve, but your fellow Americans will cheer.”

Perhaps the eugenics as an ideology is more diffuse and disguised than in the years of its heyday (first of the past century), but the eugenic mentality and the effective measures applied by the governments and international institutions of our post-modern societies have managed to eliminate human beings with disabilities, (read HERE and HERE). It is not a matter of ideologies is a matter of pragmatic measures being applied in Western countries where, for example, 90% of the children with disabilities are being aborted.

PP has been the flagship of postmodern eugenicism but this mentality is consolidated in our utilitarian societies. We are quite skeptical about the change of PP mentioned in the aforementioned article, which is a mere radicalized public expression of the rooted mentality in many health professionals and several international institutions.



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