Legislation banning abortion — so-called heartbeat laws — are a distinctive feature of some American states. Now, new initiatives to prohibit abortion and penalize those who participate in it have been approved in several states.

In this respect, earlier this month, on May 15, ABC News published an article (read HERE) reporting that the Texas Senate has sent a proposed bill that would ban abortion after as early as six weeks to Governor Greg Abbott, who has said he will readily sign it into law. The novelty of the current bill is it that allows private citizens to enforce the rule through civil lawsuits. Although the bill does not punish women who obtain an abortion, critics say that provision “would allow abortion opponents to flood the courts with lawsuits to harass doctors, patients, nurses, domestic violence counselors, a friend who drove a woman to a clinic, or even a parent who paid for a procedure. And they argue that it would violate state constitutional requirements that civil lawsuits can be filed only by impacted parties. Under the bill, a person filing the lawsuit would not need any personal connection to the abortion in question”.

For those who defend that life begins at fertilization, this is great news. Our Observatory welcomes this much-needed law.