Boys born with low birth weight (ELBW) age faster than their peers

Babies born with extremely low weight (ELBW) are in the increase. The current trend is that older mothers have their first child and the great advances in the care and treatment of this child in developed countries. One example is the baby who born in a clinic in the Japanese city of Keio in 2019 weighing 268 grams another case was Saybie weighed 245 grams. Not even a quarter of a kilo.

A recent study published in Mail Online (May 17, 2021) (read HERE) shows that boys born prematurely with an extremely low birth weight (ELBW) age faster than their peers. The researchers study ELBW less than 1 kilogram and they are typically born at 27 weeks or sooner.  Canada‘s McMaster University researcher calculated the biological ages of 92 individuals, all aged between 30–35, of whom 45 were born ELBW (read HEAR).

They found that the ELBW men were an average of 4.6 years older, biologically than those with normal birth weight — a discrepancy not seen among the women. According to the team, the more rapid aging may be a result of boys handling physiological stress before and shortly after birth differently to girls. The researcher’s team concluded that that the findings suggest that doctors should be encouraging ELBW men to take steps to proactively combat their premature aging and propose further studies.












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