As we have already mentioned in this Observatory, the possibility of disassociating parenthood from procreation (surrogacy) opens the door to painful situations for the children and women involved. The premeditated separation of pregnancy from subsequent motherhood is an attack on the family and the rights of the child. As has been amply demonstrated, the child establishes attachment bonds with his mother during the gestation period that will be strengthened during the post-natal period.


We have addressed the collateral damage from surrogate pregnancy in other publications. The effects on expectant mothers and their families often lead to a violation of their rights and dignity.

Not all apparent progress is actually an advance in the conquest of freedom and respect for the dignity of human beings

According to British tabloid The Daily Mirror, 57-year-old Turkish millionaire Galip Öztürk and his 23-year-old Russian wife Kristina Öztürk have decided to entrust the birth of their children to surrogates. In one year, as reported in another British tabloid, The Sun, the couple commissioned 20 children via surrogacy from their embryos obtained by in vitro fertilization.

20 babies in one year and 16 nannies

Kristina already had a daughter before the surrogacy process. At present, with 21 children, the couple claims that it has not ruled out extending the family to 100 children.

After having spent an average of almost €9,000 on each pregnancy, they have had to hire 16 nannies to be able to care for the babies.

Our assessment

Not only will these children not maintain the bond with their expectant mothers, but they will not be raised by their commissioning mother, who has to delegate parenting duties to others.

There are plenty of comments and arguments to uncover the sinister truth behind the surrogacy taken to absurd levels in the case in question, which also causes serious collateral damage both to the children produced and to the women who have offered themselves as surrogates.

Once again, not everything that can be done should be done, and not all apparent progress is actually an advance in the conquest of freedom and respect for the dignity of human beings, especially the most disadvantaged.


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