Is the current HIV prevention campaign up-to-date?

An article published in the American journal Washington Post (June 12, 2021) entitled The Big Number: HIV infections have dropped by 73 percent in the past 40 years in the United States gives the most up-to-date figures of the epidemic.

New infections numbered 20,000 in 1981, reaching 130,400 in 1984 before declining to 34,800 by 2019,  based on a CDC report recently published.

Homosexual collective HIV incidence

But CDC up to date attributes most infections (63 percent in 1981, 66 percent in 2019) to male-to-male sexual contact. By contrast, HIV infections among those who inject drugs have dropped by 93 percent (from 34,500 in 1988-1990 to 2,500 in 2019). This increase in the collective that has male-to-male sexual contact is of great concern in the scenario of the drastic drop in the other groups. Our Observatory hopes that these relevant figures could be applied to a revision of current prevention campaigns in the general public and the homosexual collective. The sexual formation of youth by family and education institutions is the key point of the prevention. Until we know, this crucial aspect of the prevention campaign is not prioritized by authorities. Appears to be that nobody assumes responsibility for the important increase in infections between homosexual.


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