French President Emanuel Macron has called for public consultation, read HERE. to make changes to the current French legislation that have bioethical implications. One of the issues with more public concerns was to facilitate IVF to lesbian women.

Lesbian IVF right shakes French public opinion

We reported various public demonstrations in Paris and other cities, by groups and people opposed to the expansion of reproductive rights and defending the right of the child to have a mother and a father, read Demonstration in Paris against state-funded IVF draft law for lesbian couples and HERE.

Current legislation in France does not allow lesbian women to have children by IVF, and until now it has been reserved for heterosexual couples. However, instead of making Macron’s aims to change the legislation easier, public opinion has made it more difficult.

New resort to be implemented by opposition

Nevertheless, the National Assembly eventually had the final say. After two years of heated debate, and despite the resistance of the French Senate (upper house) and more than 1500 amendments to the draft, at the end of last month (June 29), the National Assembly passed the bill, as President Macron’s party has a lower house majority with its allies. Nevertheless, the law could be delayed or repealed by an appeal to France’s Constitutional Council “involving opposition politicians on the right” (read more HERE).


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