Vaccination of young people is a priority of the US campaign to immunize the population.  Having immunized the age groups most at risk, young people today show the highest incidence of infection, both in the United States and in other developed countries. We highlight the great incidence in Spain.
The new strategy is a mass vaccination of this age group, in this respect an article published last Sunday in BBC – Health entitled, Rare heart inflammation cases shouldn’t stop young people from getting Covid shots.

Youth vaccination unexpected effects

CDC has warned that there is been higher than expected heart inflammation cases in Covid recipients ages 16 to 24. Dr. Scott Gottlieb told CNBC that “Rare instances of heart inflammation in young people after receiving their second Covid vaccine doses require further inquiry.” Continues with this assessment  “However, the former Food and Drug Administration commissioner said the cases have mostly been mild and should not dissuade people from signing up for the two-shot regimens from Pfizer and Moderna.” Is the same appeal of CDC and FDA have made.

More time and studies are needed to evaluate youth vaccination unexpected effects

In people age 30 and below, there have been 475 total reports of myocarditis or pericarditis, which according to the CDC involves inflammation of the heart muscle or the lining around it.  Men make up the vast majority of reported instances. Despite the fact that the vast majority of the cases were not serious, the health authorities hospitalized them to carefully study these surprising reactions to the vaccination. Fifteen people are still hospitalized, the CDC said. The main problem could be the long-term effects of these inflammations. The CDC is following these cases but more time is needed. Several scientists have criticized what they call a precipitated decision to approve these vaccines for youth.

Bioethical assessment

These cases impacted public opinion and increase the fair to vaccinate youth until more studies have been made or the possibility of a new vaccine without these possible effects. From a bioethical perspective, the FDA and CDC current investigation results are needed, in the meantime, the final decision to vaccinate now or await the results of further research or new vaccines without this possible negative side effect lies with the parents in the case of minors or with the individuals themselves in the case of those aged over 18. In these circumstances, Health Authorities cannot force young people to have the vaccine. In this regard, we recently published an article on the current measures that some American universities and colleges are taking to force vaccination (read HERE).

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