Updated 9/21/2021

“”Significant decrease in the number of abortions in Italy in hospitals providing pregnancy interruption services”

In Italy, it has been reported that it has become increasingly complicated to have an abortion, as, in many regions, more than 70% of gynecologists declare that they are conscientious objectors (as we comment in a post, see HERE). There are regions in which the percentage is close to 90%.

Abortion conscientious objectors criticized

A group of pro-abortion gynecologists, headed by Silvana Agatone, has launched a campaign to demand the full application of the law of abortion by the government amid fears that the new Italian executive has “set back the rights of women”. According to the Spanish international news agency, Agencia EFE, figures from the Italian Ministry of Health show that, in 2005, 58.7% of gynecologists in Italy were registered objectors, compared to 70.9% in 2016, although in southern regions such as Basilicata, these figures reached 88.1%. According to official data, of the 614 Italian hospitals, women can have an abortion in 371, more than 60% (see more HERE).

Significant decrease in hospitals that provide pregnancy interruption services

This  pro-abortion group headed by Dr. Agatone published a statement in the Italian journal La Republica (May 2021) that says  “From the report to the Italian Parliament published in 2020, based on data from 2018, it appears that there were 362 hospitals where abortions were made now there are 271.” Probably this significant decrease in hospitals that provide pregnancy interruption services is due to the lack of professionals in the specialty.


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