Good news for people affected by this chronic disease. A new avenue to find autism therapeutic treatment

Not long ago, a treatment for autism spectrum disorder (ASD) was unthinkable, but recently great advances have been made in this regard. Perhaps one of the most important is having discovered that the cause of autism is a disorder of brain connectivity in these people.

In this sense, a recent article published in the journal Molecular Psychiatry (September 8, 2021), which is part of Science, affirms that the lack of preclinical models to study the areas of the brain involved and the connectivities affected by this disease have been the great obstacle to advance in the search for a therapeutic treatment for autism.

New means to make preclinical trials gives traction to find an autism therapeutic treatment

Now it is possible to do preclinical experiments that allow the generation of “specific human neurons or organoids from induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) and to study altered connectivity in vitro or in vivo upon xenotransplantation into an intact rodent brain” (see HERE). These possibilities open a new avenue for the development of therapies that repair or at least reduce the failures of these connectivities in these patients.




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