A recent referendum passed by the majority a motion that would allow women to voluntarily terminate their pregnancy within 12 weeks of gestation. After the 12-week mark, abortion would only be allowed if the mother’s health was at risk or if fetal abnormalities could cause physical or psychological harm (BBC NEWS, September 9, 2021).

San Marino has been an abortion-free state with no exceptions. Its population has shown, until now, its rejection of the termination of pregnancy.

For this motion to have the character of law, a bill must be made that has to be approved by parliament, a process that will take months and that we hope will be finally rejected since the referendum does not imply automatic legalization.

Pro-abortion referendum hs been questioned

The results of the referendum are questioned by anti-abortion politicians because among the voters a third live abroad.

Pro-abortion movements in Europe consider it a great triumph, given that San Marino was considered an anti-abortion bastion. When American states are move to stop abortion laws, Europe continues to impose free choice to end the life of the nasciturus.



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