Gender ideology and its authoritarian politics continue to provoke a social debate and the reaction of some US states, which are decisively positioning themselves to stop the path marked out by the defenders of this ideology.

Among them, it is worth mentioning that of Montana, which proclaims that it will only register biological sex in birth certificates, not “gender”, defined as a psychological or cultural “construction”. The order states that ” “Sex is different from gender and an immutable genetic fact, which is not changeable, even by surgery.”

“The court’s conclusion that ‘no surgery changes a person’s sex’ has caused the department to consider the issue” and defines sex as “a biological concept that is encoded in the individual’s DNA and therefore ” it is genetic and immutable.”

On the other hand, the order also mentions that an alleged “gender identity” is unprovable and it makes no sense to record it on a birth certificate. Consequently, and because of the impossibility of changing sex through a “gender transition,” the health department declared SB 280 and previous liberal policies on birth certificates “wrong.”

The state of Florida is also considering banning surgery and hormonal treatments for sex change in minors and protecting children from “medicine based on politics”, in addition to preserving the right of parents to educate their children, since a vast majority of Americans, 69%, oppose schools ‘counselling’ their children about gender identity.

In general, Americans of all political trends (80% Republican, 54% Democrat, and 72% Independent) oppose schools counseling students on gender issues without parental consent.

Bioethical assessment

The recognition of the sexual biological reality in human beings as a condition that configures their identity and does not obey personal perceptions or interpretations, constitutes the argument used in this case against gender ideology and its interpretation of human nature.

Confusing the received biological reality: sex, with attitudes or behaviors dependent, among other things, on the social and cultural environment: gender, is one of the biggest mistakes on which gender ideology is built.

Diluting the personal identity of individuals, subjecting it to changing interpretations, based on feelings, entails numerous associated problems.

The imposition of criteria and educational content that promote these approaches are especially harmful to children and adolescents in whom their maturational process is developing. In addition, it violates the right of parents to educate their children according to their own criteria or beliefs.

Undertaking aggressive puberty blocking, transition or gender reassignment treatments in minors means making decisions, irreversible in many cases, that can cause enormous damage for the rest of their lives. The proper care of people suffering from gender dysphoria by specialized interdisciplinary teams constitutes the real help that should be provided in any case.


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