Chloe Cole is an 18-year-old transgender teenager who underwent a gender transition and double mastectomy between the ages of 12 and 16, and now, after regretting her decision, she leads the defense of children and families that they are going through the same process to protect them from the existing misinformation about the irreversible consequences that it entails, both physically and psychologically.

Currently, Chloe travels throughout the United States giving her testimony. She explains how, before deciding to have surgery, she had to deal with different abuses in her childhood due to her complexion and her shyness when it comes to relationships. At just 11 years old, she found an escape route in the LGBTQ environment on the internet, where she interpreted that all she had to do was subscribe to that ideology and that she would then be an accepted, celebrated and valued member of the most talked about community on earth. She saw the incredible amount of praise they were receiving online and subconsciously longed for it.

Chloe also denounces the false information that is given many times from the media, driven by gender ideology. She also points to pediatric institutions that believe best practice is to remove healthy tissue from children while administering the drugs used to chemically castrate high-risk sex offenders. And she also underlines the criticism that those politicians who think that this practice is morally wrong endure, being accused of being fascists or fanatics.

As she said in an interview on September 21, no child deserved to suffer the scalpel of a gender-affirming surgeon. America’s children deserve better.

Finally, Chloe defends the parents of these families. She explains that her parents feared for her life. They were willing to sign anything the doctors asked for. It was not informed consent, but a forced decision under extreme duress.

We have published in our Observatory other dramatic experiences of those who have suffered unacceptable gender transition processes, and who have become victims of an unscientific and harmful ideology. As we have previously detailed, the approach to cases of gender dysphoria and the transition treatments, both pharmacological and surgical, require previous multidisciplinary diagnoses of the affected people.

These diagnoses make it possible to rule out comorbidities and pre-existing disorders that may be at the origin of these processes, as well as their consequences, which include serious secondary effects that may be irreversible.


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