The Bioethics Observatory, which belongs to the Institute of Life Sciences of the Catholic University of Valencia, was awarded on Friday, October 27, the Bioethics Initiative award from the Spanish Association of Bioethics and Medical Ethics (AEBI).

The director of the Bioethics Observatory, Julio Tudela, on behalf of the Observatory team, received the award during the XIV International Congress of Bioethics, which took place at the Rey Juan Carlos University in Madrid.

At the AEBI congress, some professors and students of the Master in Bioethics at the UCV, such as Julio Tudela, Gloria Casanova, Lucía Gómez Tatay and Mª Ángeles Coll, also presented various communications.

Tudela developed two communications: “Transsexuality: an update of scientific evidence”, and “Embryoids or embryonic models: bioethical dilemmas”, the latter together with Lucía Gómez Tatay.

Mª Ángeles Coll and Gloria Casanova presented a poster titled “Is it viable to improve human psychic abilities until we achieve a man without mental illness? an analysis from psychiatry”.

Julio Tudela, Director of the Observatory, expressed his gratitude for the award that “this recognition represents a boost to the activity of the Observatory for which its founder Justo Aznar, who died two years ago, marked a line of rigor in scientific procedure and efficiency in the dissemination and dissemination of a bioethical culture at the service of the person and their dignity. From the Observatory we are grateful for this distinction that commits us even more in this urgent work.”

AEBI aims to promote the ethical dimension in medicine and scientific research in relation to life and man through studies on ethical values in research and in the practice of professionals related to the life sciences. In addition, it informs public opinion about the importance of Bioethics for society and organizes meetings, courses and conferences of a multidisciplinary nature.

The Bioethics Observatory, with almost 20 years of experience, is a reference center for the study of bioethics in Spain and in many countries, and its work contributes to the dissemination of a culture of life based on respect for dignity of the human person. Its objective is to promote debate and analysis of the main bioethical issues from a scientifically rigorous perspective of Personalist inspiration. For dissemination, research reports are published weekly through its two websites in Spanish and English and on social networks. Many of its members regularly participate in the media.


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