The French State has just approved by a majority of 80% the inclusion of the right to abortion in its Constitution. The intention behind this decision is to protect women’s presumed right to abort against possible limitations to their freedom that could be established by future governments, more sensitive to respect for human life.

The reform now approved has been presented by French politicians from almost the entire political spectrum as a conquest of freedom for women, who will finally be able to “dispose of their bodies” without restrictions.

But is the recognition of the right to abort really an advance in civilization? And is it an advance to include it in the Magna Carta of a nation, which must safeguard the rights and respect for the dignity of all its citizens?

Excluding unborn, immature, weak and defenseless human beings from the duty of custody and defense of their rights cannot in any case be presented as an achievement of progress but, rather, as a regression.

The politicians who are now celebrating in France the exclusion from the Magna Carta of those most in need of care and protection, have contributed to create a huge setback: that of normalizing the extermination of the weak, of those who cannot defend themselves, of those who are absolutely dependent on others.

The historical background of civilizations that have mistreated the human rights recognized today, the first of which is the right to life, shows us that their destiny is decadence, the weakening of social structures and, finally, their extinction.

The horror we feel when we contemplate extermination camps, genocides of all kinds, slavery or any other form of violence of the strong against the weak, now seems to be anesthetized by the enormous tragedy of the normalization of the fact that a mother deliberately ends the life of her defenseless child before birth.

Appealing to a woman’s right over her own body in order to legitimize the practice of abortion is to ignore reality, falsify it or manipulate it. When a woman directly and intentionally attacks the life of her unborn child, whom she carries, she is not acting on her own body, but on the body and life of another human being, individual and distinct from herself, with his own biography, whom she welcomes and nurtures in her womb.

Ignoring this fact is the necessary step to admit that killing is not killing. Those who enslaved also did so with their slaves, whom they considered things that they could buy or sell, or kill, without this constituting any crime. Or the Hutus against the Tutsis, when in the Rwandan genocide they called their enemies cockroaches before taking their lives without any remorse.

Recent history also shows us sad examples of how man attacks man with impunity when he previously withdraws his personal status: he is not one of mine, he has no rights, his life is worthless.

Being born in France will now be a little more complicated. It already is in many countries, like ours, where ending the life of a human embryo or fetus does not require any justification, only the will of the woman who aborts. But now the French have protected the right to kill the weakest. They don’t want to go back. However, they walk backwards.

Jérôme Lejeune, whose death we are celebrating the thirtieth anniversary of, a distinguished scientist and geneticist who defended human life from conception, has already warned: “The quality of a civilization can be measured by the respect it has for its weakest members”.

France is going backwards, with the practical consensus of its politicians and the majority of its citizens, in the quality of its civilization, repeating historical violations of human dignity that we thought had been overcomed.

My condolences for this regressive attack against man, which suppresses his freedom in the name of freedom.

Julio Tudela

Bioethics Observatory – Institute of Life Sciences

Catholic University of Valencia


Article published in the newspaper Levante 6/03/2024



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