Bioethics at a Glance nº 20

March 2021

Selected articles by Bioethics Observatory - Institute of Life Sciences editors

A short review of the humanitarian health response to violent conflict in COVID 19 era

The current pandemic has highlighted the role of biopolitics in bioethics. The way in which governments and supranational institutions calculate, control and manage entire populations could affect the human rights of the population, but also allow an effective response in extreme health risk scenarios… Read more
Health care in armed conflicts

Current development of AI-powered lethal autonomous weapons. Bioethical approach

autonomous weapons ethical approach
Last month, February 17, The Washington Post published an article entitled, “Can Computer Algorithms Learn to Fight Wars Ethically? Maybe the autonomous weapons being developed by the Pentagon will be better than humans at making moral decisions… Read more

Is it ethical to withdraw vital treatments in patients with prolonged consciousness disorders ?

In Journal of Medical Ethics, Charles Foster argues that withdrawing life-sustaining treatments is almost always unlawful from an ethical point of view. The rationale for this argument is that, given the medical uncertainty that exists …

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unresponsive patients consciousness disorders

Catholic Medical Association - the CMA and COVID 19 vaccination and conscience objection

COVID 19 vaccines coercive mandates
The Catholic Medical Association — the CMA — is the largest association of Catholic individuals in health care and a leader in the field of ethics in biomedicine published the JOINT STATEMENT: VACCINES AND CONSCIENCE PROTECTION, which is a study of great interest… Read more

CDC and FDA confirm 2,807 hospital cases of lung injury linked to vaping

On November 28th, 2019, our Observatory published an article with a review on vaping-associated lung injury when concerns were first raised about the possible health effects of vaping. Now the CDC, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are investigating reports of the new outbreak of e-cigarette or vaping…

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vaping addiction update

Could humans be a species in danger of extinction? New book rigorously studies the issue

Could the humans be a species in danger of extinction? New book rigorously studies the issue
"Human beings already are endangered species..." Last February 26, British newspaper The Guardian published an article with the startling title “Falling sperm counts ‘threaten human survival’, expert warns.” At first, it appears to be another apocalyptic news item about the future of our planet, but it has, in our opinion, remarkable humanitarian and bioethical interest based on scientific evidence. The article …

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